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Breeding ambition


What means breeding?

Dog breeding is an association of science and art, in addition to this breeding requires a sufficient study of the breed and work with genetics. Likewise breeding means a high liability opposite the dogs, love and enough time for the dogs, corresponding space and of course the needed money.
Basically dog breeding means to achieve the put aims through selective breeding and eliminating defects.
In no case breeding means just simply to increase the breed and look what will happen. Or in worst case, never mind what will happen!!!

Our ambition:

Above mentioned things are very important for us and we have the ambition to breed typeful, healthy Siberian Huskies with agreeableness, high standard and good quality. They can be adopted to family and costumer dogs, and of course to show and sport dogs. Dog shows are our big hobby and show quality is also reflected in our puppies.

Because of this we breed only with healthy dogs (hips and eyes tested), which have strong character. All our dogs must have a breeding license before they can be adopted to first breeding act.

The well-being of our dogs is our topmost priority - they are adequate family members, so they can choose their habitation between our garden and house.

Our puppies:

We don't plan more than one or two litters per year. Important for us is quality and not quantity. So we have a waiting list for all our planned litters and we offer puppies for reservations only for approved future homes.
When our puppies are ready for their new homes they have all vaccinations, microchip, FCI (export) pedigree, EU pet pass, vet's certificate and of course they are free from parasites and dewormed serveral times. Our puppies leave our kennel not earlier than 10 weeks of age, in some cases even later. They are optimally prepared for their new life (know already their future call name, are almost domesticated and know leash, collar and harness).

Our delivery criteria:

Following three questions should definitely be considered before the decision is made to buy a Siberian Husky puppy out of our kennel:

- do I have enough free time? (not only when the dog is young, even in ten or eleven years?)
- do I have the possibility for a Husky appropriate keeping? (enough run way, fenced yard,   etc......)
- am I happy in the fresh air and do I like to do things outdoors, for example to take the dog for a   walk? (even if it is storming and snowing?)

Like the same you are curious about your new family member, well, we want to know too where and to whom our puppies will go. So we want to know the full story about you and your interests in buying a Husky puppy. And also after the puppy handing over, we want to remain in constant contact, because we are very interested to know how the puppy is developing and so on.
Of course, if you have questions we have always an open ear for you.

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