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I ask God for a true friend and he sends me a Siberian Husky!

The next lines will give you a little insight into our kennel and puppy breeding, show you how our huskies live with us and why exactly the breed "Siberian Husky" enriches our life in every way.

Since my childhood dogs were a big part of my family's life. The love of dogs started with two purebred Pekinese dogs. Both gave us many wonderful moments, on which we all like to remember.

After 18 years, as our last Pekinese peacefully asleep in our arms forever, it didn't take really long time and we all knew, that it should come another dog into our house. But what breed should it be? Immediately all of us agreed that we now decide on a bigger breed. As we are a sportive family , it should be a breed with which one ( jogging, biking, hiking, .... ) everything is possible. Finally the choice was the breed "Siberian Husky" - thank God! In 2003 finally the first Husky moved into our life. Four years we enjoyed life with "Sancho" and experienced how wonderful this breed is. Always friendly with an open mind for everything and everybody. Because of the fact that "Sancho" missed another collegue of the same breed, "Shadow" has been our new family member in 2006. Starting from this time for me it was clear. Life without huskies isn't possible. I want to apply myself the whole life to Siberian Huskies and want to breed them effectually.

Healthy, FCI standard puppies with a strong character are my goal of breeding. No sooner said than done: fortunately soon I detected the perfect stud dog, corresponded to my conceptions for my kennel and breeding. And so in 2008 "FOX" has been our new family member, with whom I found my soulmate and best friend. Of course, from now on only girls were missed. And because of this "Naomi" and "Dynasty" came into our life just in the same year.

The following year 2009 had planned two more females for us and "Chimana" and "Joy" became our new family- and pack members. So our family had grown from one husky to a seven-man pack. Under Husky connoisseurs and lovers of the breed, it is often said "You are addicted to the so-called Husky fever". At first I didn't understand the meaning of this sentence not quite, but now I know very well what it means. :-) In the same year, I completed the dog handler test in Linz/Austria and since then I've conducted my pack with a lot of love, attention and discipline.

"Sancho", our first Husky, left us in March 2011 because of cancer. He became only 7 years and he has consigned a big and deep hole in our kennel. :-( However teariness and happiness are so close together: in June 2011 one of my biggest dreams came true. I got "Alvari", a lightred-white husky female from a champion breeding in Croatia. At the same time, our kennel name "Carinthian Fire Inside" was born and registrated by the FCI. After long searching and waiting, in February 2012, another dream from me came true and "Soraya", a light-red pinto husky girl has been our new family member. And nobody knows what else will bring the future......

We live as a family with our Siberian Huskies in Carinthia/Austria. In a small village, surrounded by wood and grassland - there we enjoy our life. On our property our huskies have the possibility to change their habitation between our big garden or our house. Small boxes - what is that??? We don't know this word!

We don't plan more than one or two litters per year. Important for us is quality and not quantity. Basically our puppies are growing up in our house and garden and when they are ready for their new homes they have all vaccinations, microchip, FCI pedigree, EU pet pass, vet's certificate and of course they are free from parasites.


Our dogs love visitors and visitors strokes.... so come in our kennel and meet our Huskies. You are invited cordially.

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